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"My gift is my breath. Take this breath. You, my god's gift."

Using mechanical components and natural objects, Changyeon Lee[studio god's gift] transplants ‘breathing’ into physical objet In a form of ‘motion amidst rest’ as his core aesthetics. His works are articulating ‘breaths’ as a metaphor of ‘perpetuity of existence’ consoling the transitory nature of life.

At the end of everything, beginning of everything becomes distinct.

It was my breath. While I was waiting for the arrival of my end, this thought occurred to me; I want to hand my breath to my you.

blessedly, my end did not arrive to me at that night. I came to consciousness soon after, and started capturing my breath into this work.

The world being with you was a field all in flowers. Wandering in our field, I have prepared to inbreathe eternal full of life into the scenery of us. It was the only thing I would, should, could do before someday, the end of everything, arrives from somewhere, at sometime, or sadly by some other people, not by ourselves.

Even though I have already been aware that this world is not correct,
My reason to live, to survive
Always, it was you.

To my you, I want to present this.
The thing that I will keep until the end of my everything.

My gift is my breath.
Take this breath.

To you, my god’s gift.

Changyeon Lee is a New York-based award-winning artist and
director of Studio god’s gift.
Changyeon lives and works in New York City; Las Vegas; Seoul, South Korea. He achieved Master degree in new media arts at New York University with full years grants and received national scholarships from South Korea government(from 2015 to 2017).

in 2018, Changyeon won the grand-prix at young artist contest from international young artist association. he is the exhibiting artist in the 2018 scope miami beach art show at the united states. Also, he recently got awarded 2018 artist of the year, from destig award, United Kingdom.

As a poet, copywriter(TBWA NEW MEDIA ARTS Creatives), Data Artist/net-artist and kinetic installation artist, he currently expands his area of poetry into the Interactive Media Art. His works have been presented internationally, including United States, Germany, and South Korea. Recent displays of his work include exhibitions at the Museum of Moving Image New York; Interactive Corp(IAC) at Chelsea in New York City; Doosan Gallery at Chelsea New York City; Schwules Museum Berlin; 150th Memorial Day of the Civil War of United States New York; among others.

In addition to gallery exhibitions, HIs works are being introduced, over 4,500 media newsrooms and media channels including CNN, BBC, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Press, Al Jazeera, Forbes, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, ABC News, Business Insider, Yahoo, TRT, Canal +, China News Daily, Sky, among others.



Master in new media arts (Interactive Telecommunications Program; ITP) at Tisch School of the Arts of New York University.


[Selected Exhibition]

* scope miami beach art Show, miami, united states, 2018.

* ‘On Seeing 100% Perfect Girl on One Beautiful April Evening’, Museum of Moving Image, New York, 2015.

* ‘Eraser’, InterActive Corp(IAC), Chelsea, New York, 2015.

* ‘Am I dandy?’, Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany, 2016.

* ‘Happening’, Doosan Gallery, Chelsea, New York, 2016.

* ‘This is My House of Green Grass: The Raw Retrieval of the Civil War’, Green-Wood National Cemetery for 150th Memorial Day of the Civil War of United States, New York, 2015.

* “Breath-in’ Seoul”, Gwanghwamun Plaza/Square, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2018.

* “Tech-Totem: my gift is my breath”, Gallery We, Seoul, 2019.

[Career & Award]

* 2018 artist of the year, Destig award, united kingdom.

* Grand - prix at Young Artist contest from international young artist association, 2018.

* exhibiting artist in the scope miami beach art Show, miami, united states, 2018.

* National Scholarship by South Korea Government, 2015 - 2017.

* New York University Tisch School of the Arts Grant, 2014 - 2016.

* TBWA(global creative advertising agency), new media arts creatives, 2012 - 2014.

* Media Lab researcher, the metropolitan museum of art, New York City, 2016.

* Artrooms International Contemporary Art Fair(curated by Sotheby’s S2 Gallery Director Fru Tholstrup, Palazzo Strozzi’s Director Arturo Galansino, Star-Architect Marco Piva, Christies’ Victoria Wolcough and Tabish Khan from The Londonist,) Seoul, 2018.



* aesthetica Artist Spotlight / artist directory, 2018, United kingdom.

* Artworks Stocked in prestigious galleries including Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery, Pompidou Centre, Palais de Tokyo, ICA London, Serpentine, and MCA Chicago, among over 20 countries worldwide.

* 2018 artist of the year, Destig award, united kingdom.

* Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, Politics and Global Category, 2018.

[selected works]

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