Thanks for Being You - Kinetic #5

Thanks for Being You - Kinetic #5


My gift is my breath.
Take this breath.
To you, my god’s gift.

* LaGrasse Flower’s Language: Thank You

* Material: LaGrasse Flowers Permanently Preserved & Dyed by Artist + Prepared Motors, Micro-Controller + Wind Data at New York City on Valentine’s Day in 2017

* Size: 3 Meter(10ft) Width * 50cm(2ft) height

Using mechanical components and natural objects, Changyeon Lee[studio god's gift] transplants ‘breathing’ into physical objet In a form of ‘motion amidst rest’ as his core aesthetics. His works are articulating ‘breaths’ as a metaphor for ‘perpetuity of existence’ consoling the transitory nature of life.

at the end of everything, beginning of everything becomes distinct.

it was my breath. while i was waiting for the arrival of my end, this thought occurred to me; i want to hand my breath to my you.

blessedly, my end did not arrive to me at that night. i came to consciousness soon after, and started capturing my breath into this work.

the world being with you was a field all in flowers. wandering in our field, i have prepared to inbreathe eternal full of life into the scenery of us. it was the only thing i would, should, could do before someday, the end of everything, arrives from somewhere, at sometime, or sadly by some other people, not by ourselves.

even though i have already been aware that this world is not correct,
my reason to live, to survive
always, it was you.

to my you, i want to present this.
the thing that i will keep until the end of my everything.

my gift is my breath.
take this breath.

to you, my god’s gift.

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